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Facial Yoga

Facial yoga exercises tone and keep the face looking youthful and relaxed. We put a lot of emphasis on exercising the body while neglecting the face and as a result the muscles of the face sag and the face starts to look older. Learn simple exercises which you can do daily to keep your face looking naturally firm, young and happy. Facial yoga helps counter the effects of daily living, smoking, frowning, tension and other natural processes of ageing, bad diets and environmental toxins that we expose ourselves to.

Here are some more reasons (if you need further convincing):
- It’s less expensive than cosmetic surgery and over the counter creams
- It’s better and safer for you, too (than botox)
- It slows down the aging process
- It releases tension, allergies, sinus and inflammation
- Tones facial and neck muscles while maintaining a relaxed look
- Can eliminate double chins with regular practice
- Can boost self-esteem and confidence
- Will leave you peaceful, content & smiling!

4 classes 3000 BDT

1 class 1000 BDT



Banani, Dhaka (Call 01716-490905 for address)

6 & 20 July, 3 & 10 August

4:00 - 5:00 pm

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