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Last week, Anika came to our office (British American Tobacco Bangladesh) to carry out a session on Office Yoga. In one word, it was MESMERIZING! The little tips and tricks she showed to us were really helpful to get refreshed during stressed office hours. Her brilliant interaction with the crowd, astounding sense of humour and most importantly thorough knowledge on Yoga was impressive. Would really love to arrange similar sessions with her very soon.

Nabil Rahaman

I've been doing yoga with Anika about a year now. She's been away for a month for her Mysore Yoga retreat.I was missing her class.Then started Half Primary series on my own. Surprisingly I did sweat and continued for an hour over the past few days in this winter morning.While doing each posture I could hear Anika s voice " back straight, stomach in, deep breathing, vinyasa....."You're a great teacher Anika!

Tasmin Doza

I thoroughly enjoyed Anika's every class during my two-week stay in Dhaka. She is now by far my favorite Yoga Teacher. Her exactness and preciseness are invaluable in class : the drishtis, the bandhas, the Breath, and the smooth steady flow of her classes taught me Worlds. So much so that this morning at my 07:45 Hot Yoga class in Helsinki, it was Anika's voice I heard while doing the asanas " engage the bandhas " " put more weight on the back leg" " lead with the Breath" xdddd I am so glad and Thankful for your Teaching, Anika, and will always be at your classes to learn more & more

Namaste xox Nisa​

Nisa Soraya

I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years; in NYC & London. Never before have I come across a teacher who is so honest and devoted to her practice and her students on an individual level. Anika teaches with no frills, no props, just truth. She empowers everyone who comes through her doors young and old big and small. Her wisdom is on par with some of the best teachers I have ever worked with and her classes have hands down progressed my practice more than anyone else's. I would reccommend coming to Dhaka just to take them!!! World class

Batsheva Hersch

I have been taking her intermediate classes every time I am in Dhaka. By far the best instructor there and a difficult one too! She is always adjusting and encouraging but never pushing you to go beyond your own limit. I attend yoga classes with various full time yoga professional in Canada and I find Anika up there with them or even better in many cases.

Ehsan Chisti

I had been doing Yoga with Anika for couple of months . I can assure one thing for sure that if you ever walk in Anika's class you will stay forever. She is an extremely warm person and conducts the class amazingly. From beginners to intermediates she makes it a point if any one of us has an issue with an ahasana,she request to come half an early before the class to correct or practice the posture. Overall I love being in her class and lucky to have her as my Yoga teacher!!!!

Andi Chaterjee

Anika is extremely knowledgable and patient in her yoga instructions. Iv taken a dozen or so of her classes so far and I look forward to being a regular. She is a breath of fresh air and Dhaka city is lucky to have such a talented instructor. After doing yoga in NYC for 5 years, I find Anika on par with international teaching standards.

Tareen Hossain Manju

I had never tried yoga before and was thoroughly surprised to find how useful it is. Anika is an excellent teacher and spends time in improving your skills.

Drabir Alam

From a very early age I have been a worrier. It’s something that runs in our family. I was thus advised to try meditation or yoga. And like many such advice, it became yet another item on my never ending to-do list; until a colleague mentioned thinking of enrolling in Anika’s yoga class. We both figured if there were two of us attending, we would be able to push eachother. Luckily for me, I was hooked after the first session as my colleague never really showed up.

It has now been around 10 months or so, and other than a couple of months due to an unrelated injury, I have been a regular. The sessions – beginners or intermediate – leave me energized and calm at the same time. Physically, it is demanding yet liberating as one discovers one’s “limits” and ways to continue pushing that “limit”. And as Anika constantly reminds us - it’s always about the breathing. Staying conscious of one’s breathing and actively engaging the locks is a challenge that I understand (and hope) will become easier over time and with practice. One needs to be patient with yoga. I just wish I had discovered it earlier.

Finally, a few words about Anika’s teaching. She finely balances discipline with encouragement. She knows when to push and when to be gentle. She manages the time and space to individually assists students during class and is available before or after if anyone requires further guidance. It clearly comes across that Anika believes in and enjoys living, practicing, sharing and teaching yoga. Have and will continue to recommend her class to others.​

Saif Khan (Toby)

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