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Vinyasa Flow at Studio107

Vinyasa Flow is the yogic technique of synchronising breath and physical movement. When this takes place, the mind starts to be still. Vinyasa classes challenge you physically and mentally. It is meditation in action where your body is challenged and the mind is encouraged to suspend itself in motionless, timeless space.


You are encouraged to go deeper and deeper into your practice even though at times you might find yourself sweating, and internally yelling “get me out of here”. You are however also invited to know when to stop when you have gone your deepest and furthest.


This class will leave you feeling like you have had a full body workout, challenging each and every muscle in the body while feeling like you have had a massage at the same time! Recommended for people who want to be strong and fit and like to move, sweat and are not afraid of a challenge! 

This is a mixed class for men and women.

6 classes – 7000 BDT



Studio 107 

Road 107, Gulshan 2


4:00 - 5:00 pm

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